We undergo casting manufacture with various procedures including Sand Casting & Gravity & Pressure Die Casting. Various metals and/or alloys are used for the castings that we manufacture.

We manufacture Copper Alloy Castings, Machined Components, Gears, Valves, Bushes, Pump parts, Casings, Submersible parts, Impellers, Fittings, Propellers, Bearings, Rods, Flanges, Rings, Tubes, Tees, Soap dies, Hinges, Heat exchanger covers, Liners, Machine tool parts, etc.

We have developed a great expertise in the manufacture of high quality brass, copper and copper alloy components. Today our company enjoys a prominent position as one of India's leading contractors in this field.

We attach great importance to a business partnership. By establishing close relations with our customers and combining our efforts it enables us to achieve optimum service, quality and price.

We are proud of the dedication of each of our team members who strive to continually exceed our customers, product and service expectations. Our customers are the life blood of our business, and we are committed to supplying them with the highest quality, competitively priced copper alloy castings.

Looking for solutions in casting can be a puzzling process. It's not any one attribute that stands out, but how all the pieces fit together to provide just the right solution for your casting application.

At Cast & Coap custom casting is an integrated commitment that begins with:

  1. Manufacturing Expertise to meet your casting requirement whether small or large.
  2. Meticulous steps to assure you Product Quality before, during and after production runs.
  3. Technical Depth to meet and exceed your specifications.
  4. Customer Focus so personalized that it's earned us the loyalty of a diverse range of clients.

Our size provides depth and stability, and personalised approach insures a unique focus on each customer's needs. The company's reputation, which dates back over 30 years, is second to none in the industry as a major supplier of custom casting solutions.

Whatever your copper alloy casting needs, we can do it.

Pricing is based on weight, complexity, cores and molding time. We will quote a price before producing the casting.

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