Cast&Coap is the first name that comes to your mind when you think of exceptional quality and expertise in providing metal castings. Our organization is an industry leader in providing service like Aluminium Sand casting and other types of Metal casting. Backed with 35 years of experience within the industry, the company has kept up with the latest technological developments in the field and adopted them to provide optimum service. Not only do we have a vast range of products; we can also tailor them to meet a client's specific requirements.

Sand casting is one of the oldest methods used within the casting industry. This method is most widely used to produce larger machine parts by pouring molten metal in a sand mould to achieve desired shape. This method is commonly used to produce fewer quantities of parts while methods like Aluminum die-casting are used in case of mass production. The die-casting method has its unique advantages depending upon your requirements. The primary advantage is that it enables you to produce mass quantities of parts at an economical cost. This method not only saves effort, but also helps create stronger parts.

Understanding a customer's requirements is important in providing an ideal service and that is the motto that we work by. The size and quantity are the foremost point we consider before choosing a service such as brass casting or Aluminium die-casting etc. Our multitude of services helps all kinds of clients despite the magnitude of their requirement.

Quality is the primary concern when it comes to meeting our clients' casting requirements. We have set a high benchmark for ourselves with respect to quality and we ensure that we apply strict quality control methods to meet the benchmark. We work in tandem with our customers to ensure that their opinions and specific requirements are an important contributor towards meeting their casting needs. At Cast&Coap we understand that success comes from constant evolution and we place very high emphasis on Research and Development and aim to adopt new technologies as they launch. Innovation is also an important aspect of our organization as we continuously seek newer methods in bronze casting, die-casting etc. to continue providing optimal benefit for our clients.

Whatever your needs with respect to Aluminum Sand Casting, Bronze casting, Die-casting amongst others; Cast&Coap is definitely the market leader when it comes to providing high end quality and customized services as per your requirements.

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